Two Play Improv class is a SUCCESS!


Two Play improv has been a full success. I do not measure this success by the fact that the class sold out for two months over the summer or that I had to open another night of the class because of it’s popularity. It is a success the goal that I set for the class was to train improv duos in the craft of two person improv as well as give them the tools they would need to get into national improv/comedy festivals. I started this class in October of 2014.

After working with me for 8  months two of my duos made it into the San Francisco Improv Festival off their first show. It was recorded in HD, I produced their submission material using the same techniques I have used for years, and guided them through the process of making the necessary digital assets they would need for almost any festival.

That is why the class is a success! Not to mention that Euro Trash also got into the L.A. Comedy festival, the Redrocks Improv festival AND the Ireland improv festival. Talk about a testament to the class! Now in November of 2015, I am thrilled to say that my Tuesday class is sold out and my Monday class only has one slot available.

Per usual all the info for this class and any others I teach can be found here on my website:

Thanks for reading and keep creating!


Two Play Improv class is a SUCCESS!

Shades of Grey at the San Diego Improv Festival!

20150219_163750This past weekend I got to go to the San Diego Improv Festival with Jill Eickmann to perform as Shades of Grey. The community down there is so wonderful. Finest City Improv has a great little theater that is attached to a hotel with two restaurants and 2 bars!

While there Jill and I consumed improv shows and even took a workshop from another duo called From Justin to Kelly. Such positive teachers, most of the class was rolling most of the time. Due to the workshops, shows, the after party, and then the after after party, I got 20 minutes of sleep before Jill said, we have to go catch our plane. 20150219_161745

I love improv festivals! There are no two ways about it. It is such a wonderful feeling to be surrounded by other humans that love the same thing as you do. Improvisers are some of the nicest people around. I think it may have something to do with all the improv training we get. =)

20150219_163850-2And no. We did not make it to the zoo… 20150220_130737

Shades of Grey at the San Diego Improv Festival!