Chicago Improv Festival Recap!

The Chicago Improv Festival was AWESOME!!!20150422_222825

This was my first time in Chicago and it lived up to the improv mecca that I thought it might be. I got to see quite a few shows while in town and performed in two myself. On top of all that awesome, I got to meet up with my teacher mentor Joe Bill and got a private coaching session from him. I did try deep dish pizza, but apparently chose a subpar location. I 20150423_163227was able to see visit iO in their new location and hang out at The Annoyance.

Improv fests are so great because it just lets you reconnect with all the other super talented folks that choose to make the effort to go. These folks are generally the movers and shakers in

20150424_164336their communities. I mean, who else would spend a bunch of their time and money to fly across the country to get about 1 hour worth of performance time? Then again, maybe the after parties, the after after parties, or even the after after after parties that are attractive…


Chicago Improv Festival Recap!

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