Two Play Extravaganza Show Recap!

Want to know a few of the markers for a successful show? A sold out show, a happy audience, happy performers, and a lingering after show buzz (and not even the alcoholic kind). This show was without a doubt, a success! I was so proud of the work that my Two Play students did. The prevailing response was, “I cannot believe this was their first show!”

As for the headliner, Liss n’ Sams, I had so much fun playing with this old school Second City alumni. All the shows got filmed with high quality audio and now many of these duos are submitting to national festivals! You can check out those and many other videos on my newly BEEFED UP Youtube channel!

Below are a few select photos from the evening of the duos that rocked the stage!

IMG_8450.tif IMG_8129.tif IMG_8199.tif IMG_8269.tif

Photos: Michael J. Astrauskas

Two Play Extravaganza Show Recap!

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