I met Danny Glover!!!!!!!!!!!! ‘s car…

After teaching my Improv Sunday School class, I had to run off to set to work on our film Lost in the Sun. While in between shots, a few of us noticed that the man driving a car right next to where we were filming looked like Danny Glover. In disbelief I watched him turn the corner and then park. He got out and I did not want to bombard him so I figured I would wait till he returned. Many on set were very excited and were waiting with anticipation. When all is said and done, because I was in charge of also feeding our cast and crew, I had to run over to 20150222_184059little star pizza on Divisadero Street. By the time I came back, the man and his car was gone. Very sad tail of the time I almost got to meet Mr. Glover…

But we did take a selfie! That’s his car! Licence plate changed so other stalkers don’t knock on his door. =)

I met Danny Glover!!!!!!!!!!!! ‘s car…

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