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Recently, I re-branded my Improv with Marcus business to Moment Improv Theatre. In an attempt to manage the health of my subscription list and to make sure you are getting these emails, if you want to stay informed, I wanted to give you two important pieces of information.

1) If you have NOT been getting my emails and you have a gmail email account a big reason may be because gmail automatically filters MailChimp email blasts into your promotions category. Often times these can get buried and lost. To prevent this, please look for my next blast that should happen within the next day. Go to your promotions category, right mouse click on the message and then select "Move To –> Primary". This will help ensure that you get these updates.

2) I also recently created notification categories. Now you can choose what you want to be informed about. The categories are: Shows, Classes, Jams, and General Updates from Marcus. All original subscribers are, by default, connected to all. You can fine tune what you receive by managing your subscription. MANAGE MY SUBSCRIPTION Just be sure to plug in the same name and email addy in this box and it will update your subscription. Alternatively, you can also open the latest e-mail blast I sent to you and simply unsubscribe if you wish to do so. No hard feelings at all.

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Marcus Sams

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Thank you for being a part of my mailing list! Please take a Moment to read this email. =)

The Bay Area Film Mixer is Rockin’

12080480_1075412822470100_551224338_nAs some of you know, along with Dave Moutray, I am the Co-Founder of the Bay Area Film Mixer. This mixer started a few years ago, but as you know, we all get busy. This general busy combined with the search for a good home, had put the mixer on pause. Everything changed in 2015 for the better!

In 2015 we partnered with Piano Fight! Along with this partnership we also started to reach out to other prominent Bay Area organizations in order to get filmmakers the tools and resources they need to make high quality projects. Currently we have partnered with Pictoclik Film Festival, DTC Lighting and Grip, The Reel Directory, SAG/AFTRA, Coffee & Catchup, Bay Area Video Coalition, SF Acting Academy and a handful of others.

We are currently on track to make this a quarterly event could not be more thrilled. In addition to the quarterly mixers we have also started up monthly mixers called OFFSet. This is film m\networking for 50 people or less. In 2016 we are planning on continuing our efforts and making this the premier film event in the Bay Area.

More information can be found on our newly created website.


As always, Keep Creating!

The Bay Area Film Mixer is Rockin’

Two Play Improv class is a SUCCESS!


Two Play improv has been a full success. I do not measure this success by the fact that the class sold out for two months over the summer or that I had to open another night of the class because of it’s popularity. It is a success the goal that I set for the class was to train improv duos in the craft of two person improv as well as give them the tools they would need to get into national improv/comedy festivals. I started this class in October of 2014.

After working with me for 8  months two of my duos made it into the San Francisco Improv Festival off their first show. It was recorded in HD, I produced their submission material using the same techniques I have used for years, and guided them through the process of making the necessary digital assets they would need for almost any festival.

That is why the class is a success! Not to mention that Euro Trash also got into the L.A. Comedy festival, the Redrocks Improv festival AND the Ireland improv festival. Talk about a testament to the class! Now in November of 2015, I am thrilled to say that my Tuesday class is sold out and my Monday class only has one slot available.

Per usual all the info for this class and any others I teach can be found here on my website:

Thanks for reading and keep creating!


Two Play Improv class is a SUCCESS!

Chicago Improv Festival Recap!

The Chicago Improv Festival was AWESOME!!!20150422_222825

This was my first time in Chicago and it lived up to the improv mecca that I thought it might be. I got to see quite a few shows while in town and performed in two myself. On top of all that awesome, I got to meet up with my teacher mentor Joe Bill and got a private coaching session from him. I did try deep dish pizza, but apparently chose a subpar location. I 20150423_163227was able to see visit iO in their new location and hang out at The Annoyance.

Improv fests are so great because it just lets you reconnect with all the other super talented folks that choose to make the effort to go. These folks are generally the movers and shakers in

20150424_164336their communities. I mean, who else would spend a bunch of their time and money to fly across the country to get about 1 hour worth of performance time? Then again, maybe the after parties, the after after parties, or even the after after after parties that are attractive…


Chicago Improv Festival Recap!

Two Play Extravaganza Show Recap!

Want to know a few of the markers for a successful show? A sold out show, a happy audience, happy performers, and a lingering after show buzz (and not even the alcoholic kind). This show was without a doubt, a success! I was so proud of the work that my Two Play students did. The prevailing response was, “I cannot believe this was their first show!”

As for the headliner, Liss n’ Sams, I had so much fun playing with this old school Second City alumni. All the shows got filmed with high quality audio and now many of these duos are submitting to national festivals! You can check out those and many other videos on my newly BEEFED UP Youtube channel!

Below are a few select photos from the evening of the duos that rocked the stage!

IMG_8450.tif IMG_8129.tif IMG_8199.tif IMG_8269.tif

Photos: Michael J. Astrauskas

Two Play Extravaganza Show Recap!

Quite the busy weekend and such a great class!

This past weekend was one of the good ones!

imageSaturday I got to headline as Shades of Grey in Leela’s end of the quarter show. The team I coach, That One Troupe, performed such a wonderful show. All of the players, I felt, overcame some challenges they have been facing and it was beautiful to see the magic unfold. As for the Shades of Grey show… Wow!  So much fun playing with Jill. Our past two shows have been so much fun. Both worthy of festival submission tapes. In an upcoming blog post, once I have finished working with the videos, I will post them. o0h and did I mention… I had a mohawk?  It is true! I really did.

Sunday I was up for 22 hours because of filming in the morning, hosting Leela auditions for the next round of performing improv ensembles, affectionately known as the PIE program, taught a four-hour Improv Sunday School which was Improv Gym followed by hanging out at home. imageThe Improv Sunday School Crew! Such a great group of peeps!

Quite the busy weekend and such a great class!

I met Danny Glover!!!!!!!!!!!! ‘s car…

After teaching my Improv Sunday School class, I had to run off to set to work on our film Lost in the Sun. While in between shots, a few of us noticed that the man driving a car right next to where we were filming looked like Danny Glover. In disbelief I watched him turn the corner and then park. He got out and I did not want to bombard him so I figured I would wait till he returned. Many on set were very excited and were waiting with anticipation. When all is said and done, because I was in charge of also feeding our cast and crew, I had to run over to 20150222_184059little star pizza on Divisadero Street. By the time I came back, the man and his car was gone. Very sad tail of the time I almost got to meet Mr. Glover…

But we did take a selfie! That’s his car! Licence plate changed so other stalkers don’t knock on his door. =)

I met Danny Glover!!!!!!!!!!!! ‘s car…

Great Improv Sunday School!

Improv-Sunday-SchoolThis last Sunday we had the 2nd re-branded Improv Sunday School! This round it was Improv Gym. I got to lead a small group of 8 improvisers in a workout session. We did a lot of20150222_160819 scene work we explored 2 person, 3 person, and 4 person scenes and everyone in attendance had a blast.

We were not able to have the customary after class beer because I had to run off to a film shoot, but maybe next time we’ll play catch up! I can’t wait for the next class, these 4 hour intensives are a lot of fun!

And I got to work with some old and new students!

Great Improv Sunday School!

Bay Area Film Mixer Success!

Hello Hello!

There are going to be a few update blasts done today as things have just been soooo busy!

Last Tuesday 2/17/2015 we had the Bay Area Film Mixer and it was wonderful So many actors, directors, cinematographers, writers, and artists were in attendance. Our sponsors did a great job at bringing their A game! Big shout outs to PianoFight, Pictoclik Film Festival, AVSuperfly, SF Acting Academy, Coffee and Catchup, KQED, Fandom Workshop, and Brian Molyneaux our event photographer!

I have already heard of some of the success of the night. A few people got jobs out of the mixing they were doing and that is exactly why we are doing the mixer!

Bay Area Film Mixer 2.17.15 high res_-46 Bay Area Film Mixer 2.17.15 low res_-50 Bay Area Film Mixer 2.17.15 high res_-31 Bay Area Film Mixer 2.17.15 low res_-19

Bay Area Film Mixer Success!

Shades of Grey at the San Diego Improv Festival!

20150219_163750This past weekend I got to go to the San Diego Improv Festival with Jill Eickmann to perform as Shades of Grey. The community down there is so wonderful. Finest City Improv has a great little theater that is attached to a hotel with two restaurants and 2 bars!

While there Jill and I consumed improv shows and even took a workshop from another duo called From Justin to Kelly. Such positive teachers, most of the class was rolling most of the time. Due to the workshops, shows, the after party, and then the after after party, I got 20 minutes of sleep before Jill said, we have to go catch our plane. 20150219_161745

I love improv festivals! There are no two ways about it. It is such a wonderful feeling to be surrounded by other humans that love the same thing as you do. Improvisers are some of the nicest people around. I think it may have something to do with all the improv training we get. =)

20150219_163850-2And no. We did not make it to the zoo… 20150220_130737

Shades of Grey at the San Diego Improv Festival!